Founded in 2009, Mirubi Group LLC is a pharmaceutical business and corporate strategy consulting firm focused on value-added 505(b)(2) and high-barrier generic product opportunities. Services include opportunity identification, commercial assessments, forecasting, asset valuation, transaction due diligence, and negotiation of licensing and acquisition opportunities.  


In the fall of 2018, the company established Mirubi Analytics, a division of Mirubi Group LLC. Mirubi Analytics provides data integration and management services, including a subscription-based product forecasting service.  


For more information, please contact:


David Saber, MBA

Managing Director

Mirubi Group LLC



Subscription-Based Forecasting Service


Mirubi Analytics is pleased to announce a new subscription program for pipeline product forecast modeling. Active subscribers can order an unlimited number of expertly constructed, multi-scenario, draft Rx generic product forecast models for an affordable fixed subscription fee. Any revision work will be billed hourly, subject to available capacity. Pricing for the service will be as follows, based on subscription term. 

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